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The aim of these bookkeeping articles is to support the growth of small businesses by providing insight into bookkeeping and office processes and to answer questions.

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Bookkeeping Articles

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Bookkeeping 101

Bookkeeping 101

This Bookkeeping 101 guide will help the self-employed person to start off their Bookkeeping processes with the right systems and the right ideas! These 10 steps cover topics like:

  • what is bookkeeping 
  • is bookkeeping the same as accounting 
  • know the purposes of bookkeeping 
  • can you do your bookkeeping yourself? 
  • bookkeeping basics... 
  • ...and more

Get the knowledge, make good decisions and increase your confidence as a business owner.

Free Bookkeeping Courses

Free Bookkeeping Courses

Free bookkeeping courses are the cheapest and best way for owners of business start-ups to learn how to start and look after their business accounts. These courses will show you:

  • double entry bookkeeping
  • bank reconciliations
  • financial reporting
  • working with customers and suppliers
  • managing cash flow (money in vs money out)
  • ...and more

Become a financially literate operator of your business to help it grow, and not fail after 4 years like half of other small businesses in the USA.

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Bookkeeping Example

Quick Bookkeeping View

Have you wondered how a business transaction affects each aspect of the bookkeeping records when it is entered?

This article takes 2 business transactions, income and expense, and shows you what happens in each section listed here:

  • General Journals
  • General Ledgers
  • Report
  • Cashbook

The examples are for manual bookkeeping (the good old-fashioned hand-writing type!), and for computerized bookkeeping using the free software Manager accounting.

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What is a Credit Card Balance?

Credit Card Balances

There are a few different balances that can be found on a credit card statement and knowing which is the balance you have to actually pay to the credit card company, or to find out how much you actually have available to spend, can be tricky. Here are the names of some:-

  • Opening balance
  • Closing balance
  • Statement balance
  • Current balance
  • Available balance...

Are you already wondering if you just paid the right amount?

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12 Small Business Bookkeeping Tips

There are 12 tips relating to issues that either affect the business accounts or which the bookkeeper (which could also be the owner) will have to handle. 

They include:-

  • Bank accounts – what accounts should a small business consider and why
  • Recognizing personal vs business expenses
  • Business documentation - what to do with it
  • Handling Cash
  • Bookkeeping software and other helpful programs – what to look for
  • Business logos – how to design and use
  • Bookkeeping reports – are they necessary
  • Employing people – being a responsible employer
  • Introducing new systems – pushing growth but at what price
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Bookkeeping in the Cloud

Bookkeeping in the Cloud

Written by Jonathan Nesmith. 

Find out what bookkeeping in the cloud means and what the benefits are that a business can gain from it.

You will also learn about some not-so obvious benefits such as:

  • easier audit protection - tracking receipts and changes to information within software
  • near real-time reports - your accounts information at your fingertips enabling you to make wise decisions
  • all-in-one processing capabilities - about software that has every aspect of bookkeeping in one place
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Bookkeeping Business Names

Starting up a bookkeeping business? This article has some ideas on choosing a name. 

  • What’s in a name?
  • How do you want other businesses to see you?
  • What kinds of businesses are you targeting?
  • Should you use your own name?
  • What is ‘trading-as’?
  • Bonus: a list of names to help get you started with brainstorming
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If you want to see any other topics answered, please contact me.

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