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The aim of these bookkeeping articles is to support the growth of small businesses by providing insight into bookkeeping and office processes.

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Bookkeeping Articles

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Bookkeeping in the Cloud

This article is written by Johnathan Nesmith. 

Jon is an online bookkeeper and founder of Book In Essence which aims to help small business owners across the USA free up their time to focus on their businesses. 

Jon does this by offering bookkeeping services and utilizing current technology for all types of small businesses. 

6 Small Business Bookkeeping Tips

There are 6 tips relating to issues that either affect the business accounts or which the bookkeeper (which could also be the owner) will have to handle.

They include:-

  • Bank accounts – what accounts should a small business consider and why
  • Bookkeeping software and other helpful programs – what to look for
  • Business logos – how to design and use
  • Bookkeeping reports – are they necessary
  • Employing people – being a responsible employer
  • Introducing new systems – pushing growth but at what price

2 More Bookkeeping Tips

Here are some more helpful tips.

  • Are you getting on with focusing on your business and leaving all the financial handling to your bookkeeper? That’s why you employed them, right? This is not the best plan. Find out why.

  • What does it mean to outsource the bookkeeping to a professional bookkeeper?
    What are the benefits? What can you expect from the professional?
    What should you ask them to do exactly?

Bookkeeping Business Names

Starting up a bookkeeping business? This article has some ideas on choosing a name. We answer the questions:-

  • What’s in a name?
  • How do you want other businesses to see you?
  • What kinds of businesses are you targeting?
  • Should you use your own name?
  • What is ‘trading-as’?
  • Bonus: a list of names to help get you started with brainstorming

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Bookkeeping Articles


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