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Accrued Expense

Q 1: What is an accrued expense?

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Other Expenses Questions

Q 1 : The business owner has made some purchases with his own funds. How should these expenses be recorded. He has also reimbursed himself for some of them by cheque without noting which ones the cheque is for.

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Bank Reconciliation

Q 1: Can banks process the bank reconciliations for a business?

Q 2: Please help me with this accounting problem about a bank reconciliation.

Q 3If the beginning balances on the bank statement and cash book are different, how do we adjust them?

Q 4 :  What to do in the accounts when cash payments received  aren't deposited to the bank, but used to pay suppliers.

Go here for bank reconciliation answers

Cash Book

Q 1: How do you put in a two column cash book rent, commission and payment to landlord.

Q 2: Where in the excel cash book should the initial opening balance go?

Go here for cash book answers

Single Entry Bookkeeping

Q 1: Do you know any site I could download (to print off for temporary manual use) a single entry bookkeeping spreadsheet?

Answer: Yes, here's a pdf version, and here's an excel version

Equipment Lease

Q1: How should an equipment lease payout be shown in the books

Answer: Go to buy vs lease equipment to find out what's best for a business, and how to treat these in the accounts.

Bookkeeping Questions for Starting a Small Business

Ask Accounting Questions

Q 1: I want to start my own bookkeeping business with guidance from an accountant. Will it be possible to do so with only accounting from high school. I’ve done a bookkeeping short course which was just an overview of bookkeeping and how some accounting software works?


If you have enough determination, then anything is possible!

As long as you are always willing to keep learning. This may require you to take more bookkeeping and accounting courses, perhaps at your local college, because this will help you grow in knowledge.. and confidence.

Look at it this way. To run a bookkeeping business, you will want your clients to trust you and your abilities to look after their financial information.

Put yourself 'in the shoes' of your prospective client and ask yourself:-

  1. If I had a business would I employ myself to do the bookkeeping?
  2. Do I convey enough confidence that I know what I am doing?
  3. Am I careful and accurate with numbers?
  4. Am I trustworthy knowing that a business can count on me to do their bookkeeping properly.
  5. If I get stuck on something, do I have someone to turn to for advice (you said you have an accountant friend to help you)

Start small, set your goals for the future, decide what you need to do to acheive those goals and stay focused. If you were planning on only doing the bookkeeping for your own business I wouldn't worry too much about doing the extra studies, but because you want to look after other people's books, I do recommend going for advanced bookkeeping classes; maybe at night whilst you work at something else during the day.

As mentioned at the top, if you have any bookkeeping questions you would like an answer to, simply send it to us using the contact form, making sure you put lots of detail to get a full answer.


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