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10 Free Bookkeeping Courses

Free bookkeeping courses are an excellent way for start-up business owners to learn how to look after their business accounts without dipping into their cash to get educated and become financially literate.

I have found 10 of the best free bookkeeping courses and resources online to help you understand everything involved with tracking income and expenses, reading financial reports and managing business money.

Courses are great if you like a systematic approach to learning new skills rather than searching random bits of information off the internet.

A business owner who is armed with bookkeeping knowledge can start asking their accountant the right questions, get good control of their cash flow and grow their businesses.

A study released in July 2018 by JP Morgan Chase titled Growth, Vitality, and Cash Flows highlights that about half of small businesses in the USA fail after 4 years because of lack of cash - not because the business is bad but because cash flow can be erratic and the business owner is ill-prepared to manage the ups and downs.

Become prepared by starting with these free bookkeeping courses.

Free Bookkeeping Courses

Free Bookkeeping Courses List

1. AccountingCoach.Com

Accounting Coach is run by Harold Averkamp (CPA, MBA) – delving in basic bookkeeping all the way up to managerial accounting. This is more than just a course site - there is tons of information so if you have specific questions you can enter your keywords into the search bar and get free topic results based on those.

Harold's free bookkeeping course online is called Bookkeeping Training which contains 20 modules. Some parts of these modules (mainly videos, flashcards, visual tutorials, cheat sheets, printables and progress tracking) can only be accessed with a PRO account meaning you must register to become a member and pay a one time fee of US$49 or US$99 depending what you want to access. 

However, there is plenty of meaty information inside the free parts that will teach you what you need to know about bookkeeping.

If you want a certificate for completing this course you must get the PRO+ membership.

Harold has worked as an accounting instructor in university, as an accountant and as a consultant.

Accounting Coach Free Bookkeeping Courses
Accounting Coach Registration Costs
Accounting Coach Course Topics with PRO notice

2. DWMBeancounter.Com

Dave Marshall of The Bean Counter offers free accounting and bookkeeping courses, tutorials, quizzes and games.  

His main free bookkeeping course is So You Want To Learn Bookkeeping Part I and So You Want to Learn Bookkeeping Part II. There is no paid membership area – you get full free access to all materials on his course website. To study offline you can buy his eBooks and CD versions.

Dave’s approach is relaxed and fun (and he also explains what a bean counter is!). 

His skills tests are only for personal evaluation, so no certificate is given. However, he does provide a list of sites that can provide you with certification training if that is what you require. He also provides a bookkeeping job search guide.

Dave’s experience includes being a small business consultant, a bookkeeper, an internal auditor, a controller, a US Army payroll clerk and a college teacher.


3. FreeBookkeeping Accounting.com

On this site you will find free written and video training courses for bookkeeping and accountancy by Sam Morton.

His free bookkeeping course is made up of his You Tube videos on The Bookkeeping Master channel. There are hundreds of training videos on other topics like Payroll Basics, Management Accounts, Excel Basics, Bank Reconciliations, Credit Control, Profitability, Business Planning, Double Entry Bookkeeping,  VAT (sales tax) and courses on software like Sage Accounts, Xero, KashFlow, QuickBooks, and Excel 

Sam also provides training and support (at a cost) for: 

  • anyone wanting to start their own bookkeeping or accounting business in the UK,  
  • or any bookkeeper or accountant (accountant in training) or new small biz owner who wants a mentor

Sam has been a credit controller and an accountant for several years working with a variety of different businesses.

Free Bookkeeping Accounting Website Bookkeeping Course
Bookkeeping Master You Tube

4. Learn.Org

Learn.Org provides a list of where to find free bookkeeping courses online through groups like:

  • National Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers (NACPB) – enter the website and access free training courses 
  • National Bookkeepers Association (NBA) – register for the free Understanding Bookkeeping course 
  • US Small Business Administration – offer free online introductory accounting courses through their Online Learning Center covering basic bookkeeping procedures especially in relation to running a business.
  • MIT Opencourseware – go to their course finder and select Business for the Topic and Accounting for the Sub-Topic – a list of undergraduate and graduate level courses are shown. Some of these courses are based on lectures from 2003 to 2007 which is why I guess they are free but the basics of accounting would not have changed a lot from then until now, other than the advancement of technology.
Learn.Org List of Where to Find Free Bookkeeping Courses

5. FutureLearn.Com

Future Learn provide a course called Bookkeeping for Personal and Business Accounting

Study Topics include : Financial accounting and reporting, essential numerical skills, double-entry and the balance sheet, and accounting

Certificate: Upgrade to the paid version for tests and a certificate of achievement.

Duration : 4 weeks, 3hrs per week

Future Learn Course

6. OpenLearn University.Com

Open Learn University's free bookkeeping course is titled Introduction to bookkeeping and accounting. This is 8 hours of study at an introductory level. It is in written format and is downloadable.

You will get a free statement of participation on completion of the course.

The course modules are : 

  • Essential numerical skills
  • Double entry and the balance sheet
  • Double entry and the profit and loss account

This can be used as a gateway to help you decide if you want to take your learning further with University study.

Open Learn University Free Bookkeeping Courses

7. In2work.Com

In2Work offer a free Sage Bookkeeping Course which is ideal for someone interested in Management Accounting or a Finance role within a business. This course will help you learn to use Sage Accounting Software for everyday use. It is provided by learndirect who will email you a certificate for completing Stage 1.

The course covers;

  • basic bookkeeping skills
  • double entry bookkeeping
  • trial balance
  • working with customers and suppliers
  • understanding VAT and 
  • essential management reports.

The only down-side is that to get this course you need to complete two Functional Skills courses at the In2work centre in Doncaster.

In2work Sage Bookkeeping Course in Doncaster

8. edX.Org

edX has 2 free bookkeeping courses which you can access for free by registering your name and email address: 

Introduction to Bookkeeping - provides you accounting knowledge to be successful. Learn about:

  • Business transactions, banking and double entry bookkeeping
  • Payroll and ledger accounts
  • Reconciliation and preparing a trial balance 

Intermediate Bookkeeping – will prepare you for an accounting admin or bookkeeping position. This study includes:

  • accounting principles and concepts 
  • business transactions and events 
  • financial statements
  • reconciling control accounts and 
  • cashbook

You can get a certificate for either course by registering with ACCA  who provide these edX courses, and passing a computer-based exam and an interactive module.

edX Introduction to Bookkeeping Course

9. INC.Com

Larry Kim on INC.com offers 11 resources to get you started with learning QuickBooks for free if you have purchased the QuickBooks software but don’t know quite how to use it.

Another thing to look out for is if you have invested in any specific bookkeeping software you should be able to access their training videos or webinars for free. These not only show you how to use their software but you will also get an inside understanding of the bookkeeping process.

Below are screenshots of Xero's training videos and FreshBooks invoicing software course videos.

INC.COM Larry Kim's list of QuickBooks courses
Xero Video Training Courses
FreshBooks Webinar Courses

10. Alison.Com

Alison provides 100's of free courses. Select from a variety of self-paced accounting courses on topics like:

  • Financial Literacy
  • Control and Monitoring of Cash
  • Accounting and Its Use in Business Decisions
  • Understanding Receivables and Payables
  • Cash accounting
  • Financial Accounting Basics …and more

These are 2-3 hour certificate courses.

Alison is made up of an international team of talented specialists dedicated to Alisons’s free learning mission.

Alison Free Accounting Courses

Have you heard of or tried any other free bookkeeping courses that you found beneficial? Leave a comment in the box below.

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