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Bookkeeping Business Names

Helping you make a short-list of bookkeeping business names from which you can select the most suitable one.

What's in a Name?

Choosing a name is like choosing a name for an unborn child. It needs to be done with thought and care because once it’s chosen and the name registered with the companies’ office you will be stuck with it.

Changing it is a costly exercise... and it’s a time waster when you are busy trying to grow the business.

Think about the name, research it, make sure you understand the meaning, say it out-loud, and when the 'baby' is born look at the face to see if the name of your choice suits...  

Bookkeeping Business Names

Bookkeeping Business Names:
How Do You Want Other Businesses To See You?

This is more than just a name or title that represents your business. It is about branding. It is the whole package that comes with you and your business.  Does the name suit what you are offering?

What is branding? Look at Google, Coca-cola, You Tube and all the other famous ones in the image above. Their brand is known world-wide – they have a certain look, color scheme, logo that are easily recognizable, and simple.

Are you going for a more relaxed home office type look, a highly sophisticated look, or somewhere in between?

If you are offering a straightforward bookkeeping service then your business name could include the word ‘bookkeeping’, or if you are offering more than that then you can chose a more holistic term like ‘business’ or ‘office’ or ‘consulting’ or ‘services’ and so on.

Do you want to be seen as:-

  • fun or serious
  • quirky or standard
  • only bookkeeping or more than that

Using alliterations can be catchy and help people to remember the name of your business. That means that you could use words beginning with the same letter such as what we’ve done with Beginner Bookkeeping. 

Bookkeeping does not have to be boring, but you also need to be taken seriously when dealing with other businesses’ finances! So finding a balanced look is important as well as aiming at being unique from other brands.

Many modern businesses are going for names with just one word, like Xero, Facebook, Twitter...

There are two ways of developing your brand, one with an all about you and what you offer approach, or one with an all about the client and what it is they’re looking for.

Bookkeeping Business Names:
What Kind of Businesses Are You Targeting

You may want to focus on certain types of businesses where your expertise is most useful and as such be able to charge a higher rate.

For example, if you are solely targeting the trades sector, you probably wouldn’t incorporate flowers in your branding!

Instead you might use a strong name and a strong design with images of tools or something along those lines that would grab the attention of trades’ business owners.

Your business name could include a word or phrase that will connect with your potential customers.

Here is an example of an excellent business name Brandy Derrick who offers bookkeeping services to lawyers. Her business is called LegalEase Bookkeeping LLC

"Legal" implies the type of client Brandy likes to work with

"Ease" implies what Brandy will do (ease the laywer's bookkeeping burdens)

and of course "bookkeeping" is what Brandy does.

Bookkeeping Business Names:
Should You Use Your Personal Name?

There’s nothing wrong with incorporating your own name as part of your bookkeeping business name and many professionals do it particularly with their family name - take a look through your Yellow Pages to see examples.

Using your own name will require a lot of marketing on your part because other businesses will not know just by your business name (your name) what it is you do.

If you intend on having a strong online presence you could consider using a name based on the kinds of words people search for in their web browsers - these are called keywords. 

When they search for a bookkeeper such as yourself, they won’t know what your name is but they will know what they are looking for and might type in something like ‘bookkeeping service in [name of town]’. 

So if you live in Timbuktu your online type business name could be Timbuktu Bookkeeping Services, rather than Jane Smith Bookkeeping (which is the all about you approach).

Bookkeeping Business Names:
Trading As.... Names

What does this mean? Many business owners might be sole traders and will go by their personal name on all the official documents but be trading as the name of their choice. For example, John Smith trading as Bookkeeping World.

Or someone might buy a business that’s already set up and rather than go through all the hoops of officially changing the name to one they prefer, simply use the trade as option to use the name they prefer.

For example, Smith’s Books trading as City Bookkeeping Services.

This means the name at the Companies’ office will be registered as Smith’s Books, but be promoted to customers as City Bookkeeping Services.

Bookkeeping Business Names:
Before Making Your Final Choice

Check that the names you like the most haven’t already been taken by another business. 

In your web browser search for ‘company name availability in [name of country you are in]’. This should bring up the Companies office in your country where all businesses register their company names and where you can do a search.

Also, do an internet search for your name of choice just to see who else is using that name. 

If you are working as a sole trader and don’t want to register a company name, you should still make sure that someone hasn’t already registered the name you want to use.

A registered business could take you to court if your business name is the same or too similar to theirs.

Bookkeeping Business Names:
How to Come Up With One

  • Brainstorm – write down or type all the names you like no matter how silly sounding or how long or short. Get every single name that pops into your head down on paper – or into your typing program.
  • Mix, cut and combine as many of the names as you like to see how they sound together, cut down in size or expanded – you may be surprised what you come up with
  • Make a final list of your absolute favorites (but don’t get rid of the ones that aren’t at the top of the list in case you want to refer back to them – you might change your mind on some of them) then
  • Try them on others – say your favorite names to your friends or family and get their opinions
  • Remember to check that the names haven’t been used already by other businesses.

List of Basic Business Names to Get You Started!

Branded and well recognized logos and names

You can add in the ‘Ltd’ or ‘Inc’ or whatever it is your country uses at the end, unless you are a sole proprietor:

Your Surname Bookkeeping (e.g. Bates Bookkeeping)

Town Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping Consultants

Professional Bookkeeping

Office Service

Bookkeeping Specialists

[Your Name] Bookkeeping (e.g. Sarah's Bookkeeping)

[Descriptive Adjective] Bookkeeping Services (e.g. Perfect Bookkeeping Services)

Bookkeepers of [Your Town]

Bookkeepers and Administrators

Books ‘n All

Numbers United

Bookkeeping Office


Best Bookkeepers

Bookkeeping World

Business Services

Balanced Bookkeepers

Accounts Are Our Thing

We Figure It

Get 2 It …. and brainstorm your own business names now!

*None of these have been checked at any companies’ office or on the internet. You need to make sure they have not already been registered by another business in your country.

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