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What is Sales Tax

What is Sales Tax

What is sales tax? It is a consumer tax charged to customers and paid on to the government by the business making the sale. Technology can help automate this process.

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Types of Bookkeeping Accounts Used To Organize Income and Expenses

Types of Bookkeeping Accounts

The main types of bookkeeping accounts are assets, liabilities, equity, revenue and expenses which can be further classified into real and nominal accounts

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Importance of a Bookkeeping System - 9 Key Reasons

Importance of a Bookkeeping System

9 Key reasons for the importance of a bookkeeping system - stay profitable, breeze through tax season, business growth, sleep well at night.

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Best Business Bookkeeping Software Choices

Business Bookkeeping Software Blog Image

What is the best business bookkeeping software for your business? We compare Xero vs QuickBooks vs FreshBooks vs free software and help you narrow down which one to use.

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10 Free Bookkeeping Courses to Understand Business Accounts

10 Free Bookkeeping Courses Blog Image

These are the best free bookkeeping courses online for anyone in business who must understand business accounts. Learn the bookkeeping language, how to balance the books, how to manage finances, double entry bookkeeping and how to use financial reports

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Accounts Receivable Collection - 5 Steps

Accounts Receivable Collection

Accounts receivable collection: Here are 5 steps to get late paying customers to pay their accounts including example phone calls and emails to make the process easier.

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Excel Cash Book Course For Easy Bookkeeping

Excel Cash Book Course Header Image

A free excel cash book course to help new small businesses immediately start their bookkeeping in Excel - includes loads of bookkeeping tips

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Is Bookkeeping Hard to Do?

Is bookkeeping hard blog image

Is bookkeeping hard? Here is what busy startup owners should consider when bookkeeping for their own business, and tips for those thinking of a career in bookkeeping.

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Simple Bookkeeping Spreadsheet in Excel

Bookkeeping Spreadsheet Blog Banner

This free bookkeeping spreadsheet helps self-employed people track income and expenses from bank accounts, credit cards and cash and shows a summary report.

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Why a Business Budget is Worth Doing

Business Budget Blog Post Image

A business budget is a plan of expenses that a business estimates it will spend every month. The plan can help the owner make good spending decisions.

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