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Hi there... Welcome to my Bookkeeping Blog where I will keep you up-to-date on all things bookkeeping.

Fiscal Year Definition for Business Bookkeeping

Fiscal year definition: a financial period of 12 consecutive months in which to keep bookkeeping records before paying income tax, and can begin with any month.

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10 End of Year Bookkeeping Tips

10 end of year bookkeeping tips to get ready for tax: 1) When to do these checks, 2) Reconcile the bank, 3) Enter expenses paid with personal money, 4) Check your...

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4 Invoicing Best Practices to Protect Your Cash Flow Starting Today

Use these customer invoicing best practices to avoid running into cash flow trouble and to keep the money coming in month after month

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What is Bookkeeping?

What is Bookkeeping? It's an organized way to record money earned and spent by a business using accounting software, printed books or spreadsheets like Excel.

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Accounting Excel Template | Income Expense Tracker with Sales Tax

Free accounting excel template for tracking business income and expenses with or without sales tax, easy 12 month layout plus Income Statement and Balance Sheet

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Accrued Expense Definition and Guide

An accrued expense is one that is bought now but paid for later. In Bookkeeping, accrued expenses are recorded at the date of purchase not the date of payment.

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Meaning of Depreciation in Bookkeeping

Meaning of Depreciation: It is an expense that reduces the cost of assets, in annual installments, over their life-span, using different methods. Learn how.

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Excel Tutorial Videos for Beginners

Excel tutorial videos for beginners - helping you be more confident so that you can manage spreadsheets like household budgets or bookkeeping templates.

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Bookkeeping 101 for Successful Startups & Self Employed

Bookkeeping 101 - 10 steps to help the self-employed learn how to get your business bookkeeping on track with the right systems and the right ideas, answering questions like what is bookkeeping, should I do it myself, bookkeeping basics and more.

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Top Business Invoicing Software

Review of top business invoicing software FreshBooks; makes billing clients ridiculously easy without having to learn complicated accounting stuff

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