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Excel Tutorial Videos

These free Excel tutorial videos will show you the basics of how to manage your workbooks in Microsoft Excel.

These are aimed at beginners in Excel but there are some advanced features, especially in the Formulas video, that non-beginners might not know.

This page contains four videos:-

  1. Managing Sheets and Tabs 
  2. Managing Columns 
  3. Managing Rows 
  4. Formulas

Watch these videos to help your confidence grow when using spreadsheets in Excel. These are very helpful when managing financial data, even if it's just a household budget or more complicated bookkeeping templates.

You can find a full list of my free Excel Templates for Bookkeeping here.

Excel Tutorial Videos

Navigating the Videos

Chapters: Each of these Excel Tutorial videos contains Chapters so if there is just one feature you need to look at you can select it's Chapter name from the list down the right hand side. You can turn chapters off by clicking on the Chapters Icon.

Speed: You can make the video go faster or slower by selecting the speed from Settings.

Captions: Some videos have captions (captions are being added to all videos). You can turn them on and off by clicking on the CC button.

If you have any questions or want to see videos on anything else, please leave a comment in the Comments section at the bottom of this page, or send me an email via the Contact Me page.

Excel Tutorial Video #1

Managing Sheets and Tabs

Managing Excel Sheets and Tabs Video - Main Contents:
(click on Chapters within video above to find the content you want)

  • Auto Add Sheets 
  • Rename Sheets 
  • Delete Sheets 
  • Move Sheets 
  • Group/Ungroup Sheets
  • Edit Sheet Tabs 
  • Copy Sheets 
  • Protect/Unprotect Sheets 
  • Hide/Unhide Sheets

Excel Tutorial Video #2

Managing Columns

Managing Excel Columns Video - Main Contents: 
(click on Chapters within video above to find the content you want)

  • Selecting Columns
  • Inserting and Deleting Columns
  • Hiding and Un-hiding Columns
  • Column Width and Hash Symbols

Excel Tutorial Video #3

Managing Rows

Managing Excel Rows Video - Main Contents: 
(click on Chapters within video above to find the content you want)

  • Inserting Rows - one at a time and a several at a time
  • Deleting Rows
  • Fixing the #Ref! Error
  • Hiding and Un-hiding Rows
  • Changing Row Height
  • Clearing Row Data

Excel Tutorial Video #4

Formula Basics

You must have Excel software on your device to use this Workbook.

Download WorkBook

Excel Formulas Video - Main Contents: 
(click on Chapters within video above to find the content you want)

  • Basic Formulas overview
  • Entering Formulas to Spreadsheet
  • Copying or Auto-filling formulas
  • Sum Function and Auto Sum Formula
  • Combined Formulas
  • Fixing the #Value! Error
  • Linking Formulas
  • Fixing the #Ref! Error
  • Learn how to do the Transpose formula
  • Viewing All Formulas
  • Hiding Zero Results

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