Cash Book Excel 


This cash book in Excel template is useful for small businesses to start their bookkeeping when on a tight budget and unable to pay the monthly subscription costs for online bookkeeping software or the upfront outlay of hundreds for desktop software.

Cash Book ExcelCash Book Excel

In this Cashbook you can:

  • track income and expenses
  • view a Profit and Loss Report
  • see your profit or loss result

This Cashbook also has a Balance Sheet so you can track assets and liabilities including:

  • accounts receivable totals
  • accounts payable totals
  • inventory totals
  • depreciation
  • loans and loan repayments
  • owner's equity

There are two versions of the cash book.

The first one is for one bank account only.

The second one is for up to five bank accounts and three credit cards.

1. Cash Book Excel -
One Bank account

One-time payment

Please check my Refund Policy.

What you get with your purchase:
1 x Excel Template for 1 Bank Account
1 x e-Book - Help Guide
Both items can be downloaded to your device.

Help Guide One Bank

2. Cash Book Excel -
Multi Banks / CC's

One -time payment

Please check my Refund Policy.

What you get with your purchase:
1 x Excel Template for up to 5 Banks and 3 Credit Cards
1 x e-Book - Help Guide
Both items can be downloaded to your device.

Help Guide Multi Banks

Requirements on your device:

  • You need to have Microsoft Excel on your computer which you can get through Office 365, or you can use the free version of Excel online - just sign up for a Microsoft Account (more about that here).
  • Some knowledge of how to use Excel would be beneficial but if you know nothing, Excel has a really good 'Help' link with heaps of how-to information, or
  • You can watch, for free, the videos I have prepared for Excel beginners on my Excel Tutorial Videos page.

cash book excel Overview

One Bank Account Template

  • Track One Bank account (but you can save extra copies of the template to track other bank accounts at no extra cost).
  • 14 Income Accounts
  • 10 Cost of Goods Sold Accounts
  • 30 Expense Accounts
  • 13 Balance Sheet Accounts
    Note: More accounts can be added to each category
  • An Inventory balances worksheet
  • A Bank Reconciliation worksheet
  • A Depreciation worksheet
  • A Profit and Loss Report
  • A Balance Sheet Report
  • A Petty Cash Report
  • Quick Start Tips
  • An Examples page so you can see how it works

Multi Bank Accounts Template

  • Track up to Five Bank accounts and three credit cards. All linked to the P&L and Balance Sheet.
  • 14 Income Accounts
  • 10 Cost of Goods Sold Accounts
  • 30 Expense Accounts
  • 13 Balance Sheet Accounts
    Note: More accounts can be added to each category
  • Two columns for inter-bank or inter-credit card transfers and payments.
  • An Inventory balances worksheet
  • Bank Reconciliation worksheet
  • Depreciation worksheet
  • Profit and Loss Report
  • Balance Sheet Report
  • Quick Start Tips
  • An Examples page so you can see how it works.

Cash Book Excel Sample

Try the sample version for free*.

You can enter data for two months and if you love it, buy* the unlock key so you can keep using the same workbook.  

*Note: Don't use the sample version with Excel Online unless you have the desktop version of Excel or Microsoft365 because the sample version cannot be unlocked from Excel Online.

Try Sample One Bank
Try Sample Multi Banks

Note: More accounts cannot be added to the reports in this sample.

cash Book Excel Main Details

The Quick Start Tips gives you a summary of what to do first.

The main first things are to enter your financial year and months and your account names.

Cash Book Excel Quick Start Tips

There are 12 monthly sheets where you will enter your transactions for each month.

The totals from these sheets are linked to the reports so they update automatically.

The Examples page has data in it that will help you see how to enter your income and expenses and other type of transactions.

Cashbook Excel Examples

Here are snips of the Profit and Loss Report and Balance Sheet Report.

Cashbook Excel Profit and Loss Overview
Cashbook Excel Balance Sheet Overview

The Inventory in this cash book in Excel is based on the Periodic method of tracking stock, so it will calculate your Cost of Goods Sold automatically, so long as you can enter your closing stock balances at the end of each month, or just do it once a year.

Cash Book Excel Periodic Inventory Screen Shot

Note: to actually track the purchase, sale and levels of each stock item you will need to use a separate template such as my Excel Inventory template. 

There is a Help page in this cash book template with more in depth instructions on everything including how to add more accounts or hide excess accounts, and how to process the Petty cash transactions and the Inventory procedures. However, when you purchase this template you will also get the free printable e-book of these help instructions.

Overview of Help Menu

If you are looking for a simpler/smaller version of the cashbook you can try my free Excel Cashbook Easy. It's simple because it has no balance sheet or balance sheet type accounts.

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