Delivery Docket Template

Use this free delivery docket template to produce one for your business with ease. All the basic information necessary for producing your own sheet is here.(Scroll down the page to get to the download)

All you have to do is add in the details relevant to your business and you are ready to deliver the goods.

Read on to find out more.

Delivery Docket Advantages

For the seller:

  • The docket can be used to check the items against the customer's order
  • The warehouse can prepare one without worrying about putting in the prices as this will be done by the accounts office when they prepare the sales invoice
  • It can be useful for quickly getting the items out, giving the bookkeeper time to check on prices/queries, if necessary
  • The docket can go with the shipment, whilst the sales invoice can be emailed to the customer.

For the buyer:

  • The department receiving in the goods can use it to double check the goods have all been received according to what was originally ordered
  • The docket is the source document for updating the inventory records
  • Once checked and authorized the docket can be given to the accounts department who will then know to expect an invoice from the seller.

See the completed example of this delivery docket template below, which shows you how to fill it in.

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Delivery Docket Template Example


The following information should be found on this document:-

  • The date

  • The number

  • The name and address of buyer

  • Name, address and contact details of seller

  • Buyer's purchase order number (PO#)

  • Date of order

  • Date of delivery

  • Description and code of goods

  • Quantity ordered and delivered

  • Items that are not immediately available are placed in the back order column

  • Comments about anything specific to the order, such as when the etd (estimated time of delivery) of the back ordered items is due to be shipped.

Click on this image to download the Blank PDF Template

Delivery Docket Template

Handling this Document

By the Seller

The docket should be placed inside the envelope or box at the top where it can be easily retrieved.

Another way is to place it inside a plastic sheath for protection which is then taped onto the outside of the shipment envelope or box.

By the Buyer

The accounts department should keep it in a folder where it can be matched up to the purchase invoice once received. It can be attached to the back of the invoice, or filed away into a separate folder in alphabetical order.

Delivery dockets are not always necessary because a sales invoice can also be used as a delivery docket, thus avoiding having to use a delivery docket template.

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Delivery Docket Template

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