Business Bookkeeping Software

Pinpointing the best business bookkeeping software for your small business can be overwhelming with all the options out there. The most popular options right now are Xero, QuickBooks, MYOB and Sage

Below we explain other choices available such as free software, how to do bookkeeping in excel, general ledger accounting and online software.

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Bookkeeping Software Free Downloads

These are genuine, free programs that any small business, sole trader, or student can use.

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Simple Bookkeeping Software
(Cash Book)

If your business is simple and has a low number of business transactions then you could manage your bookkeeping in spreadsheet software, avoiding the need to purchase an actual bookkeeping programme.

Click the thumbnail below to go to a downloadable excel cash book.

Your bookkeeping system can be a simple cash book which is easy to set up in software like Excel or OpenOffice. If you own a computer then the chances are you already have Excel. If you do not have Excel you can download OpenOffice. It's free and is an excellent spreadsheet programme!

What constitutes a small business with few transactions? One example is a rental property owner with a handful of houses or less who needs to record things like:-

  • Rental payments received
  • Repairs and maintenance expenses
  • Mortgage payments

General Ledger Accounting Software

Business Bookkeeping Software

If you know anything about the double entry bookkeeping system and debits and credits then you may like to try a general ledger program.

General ledger accounting software makes it obvious that you are using a double entry method because you have to enter the debits and credits yourself.

It is an excellent way to learn the double entry system.

Standard bookkeeping software programs use the double entry system but because it operates as part of the 'background' calculations many bookkeepers and administrators do not know it's there or even what double entry bookkeeping is even though they use it every day!

Our free software page details a general ledger program.

Web Accounting Software

Another term for this is 'cloud accounting' or 'cloud computing'.

It simply means you log into an online bookkeeping program from your web browser and maintain the company records there.

Most of the major bookkeeping software providers such as Quickbooks, Xero, MYOB - offer a cloud version of their software. Benefits of keeping it online are:-

  • There is no need to download bookkeeping software onto your hard drive. 
  • No need to worry about constant backups in case your hard drive crashes. 
  • No need to worry about having to update your record every time the developers send out a new release.
  • Everything is kept online, backed up on the providers servers, automatically updated with improvements and if your computer crashes you know your information is safe, because it's online.
  • You can access your records from any computer, making it easy to access when you are traveling.

Check out more information about bookkeeping in the cloud.

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