Accounting Journal Entries

Journal Entries Examples

The accounting journal entries on this page represent the typical types of transactions that most small businesses carry out.

Our examples are based on a flower shop called Rose and Flower, owned by Rose (purely fictional).

Every time Rose does something for the business like buying stock or paying for advertising, the transaction is recorded into the bookkeeping system. 

Bookkeeping/accounting journals are just one aspect of double entry bookkeeping. 

If Rose was only maintaining a cash book she would not be concerned with keeping journals.

You will see from these examples how they work and particularly how they impact the debits and credits.

To view a full list of these transactions and their related journals in date order, tap the download button.

This opens a pdf document which you can save to your computer and print out.

Accounting Journal Entries

Recommended: Go here to practice your own journal entries in our on-screen software, or download the practice templates to practice on your computer or device - you need to have Excel installed.

Examples of Accounting Journal Entries

Capital and Drawings

On April 1st Rose deposited $3,000 of her personal funds into the business bank account to help get the business up and running.

On April 23 Rose took $150.00 to buy groceries for home.

On April 27 Rose took $90.00 to pay the vet for her cat’s vaccination.

Accounting Journal Entries Equity


Accounting Journal Entries Liabilities

On April 15 Rose secured a business loan from her bank for the business for $7,000.

On April 21 Rose had to purchase more vases from Vase Co.  these were bought on credit to the value of $250.00.

Also on 30 April the bank took their first loan re-payment of $325.


On April 4 $1,500 was paid to Flowers Wholesale for initial stock of various flowers and vases.

On April 5 a desk was brought from Office Supplies Inc. for $800.00

IT Experts was paid $845.00 for set up of new computer and retail sales software of $350 on April 14. (The asset here is the computer, not the software).


$850 of cash and cheques was deposited into the bank.

More sales on April 22 for $980.00.
and on April 26 more sales/income paid into the bank for $325.00.


The City Express was paid for an advert placed in their paper on April 1 for a shop assistant. 

On April 2 a rent deposit was paid to the landlord for $1,000.00

On April 3 $110 was paid to the power supply company for power connection.

Petty Cash

On April 8 Rose got $100 from the bank for the petty cash float.

On April 21 was shop opening day. Great Glass Cleaners were paid $90 for sprucing up the windows the day before (20 April).
$50 of sales was placed into Petty Cash



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