Free Printable Receipt

This free printable receipt is available in Excel and PDF format. It can be used for any type of cash payment.

Free Printable Receipt Examples

Here are examples of this receipt. One has been completed in a standard type font and one has been completed in a font similar to handwriting. These samples give you an idea of how they will look when prepared.

Shaded Receipt – this is a very smart, official looking receipt and is perfect for business use

Lined Receipt – this one has the same layout but uses less printer ink as there is no shading in it

The excel workbook comes as one download and contains both of the above receipts in two different tabs… (see graphic below) so you don’t have to do two downloads.

It is saved as a template so you won’t be able to change the original, but if you click on ‘File’ then ‘Save As’ you will be able to save it to your computer into a document that is changeable.

Excel Download

Free Printable Receipt Excel Download

This excel template consists of boxes or fields in which you type the detail relevant to your transaction.

For example, the first field is headed ‘Payer’ and has the instruction ‘Name of person/business paying the money’ - see the graphic below.

Once you have downloaded and opened the excel document all you have to do is direct your mouse pointer over the instruction field and click.

This action selects the field and allows you to type the name of the payer (person or business who paid the cash).

As you start typing, the instruction is automatically deleted so you don’t have to delete it first and then start typing.

If you want to print the receipt with the detail fields blank for hand writing on, you can simply direct you mouse pointer over the field, click and press delete on your keyboard which will remove the detail.

You will need to do this individually with each field on the page.

Alternatively, you can download the PDFs of each which are already blank - perfect if you don’t use Excel.

These PDF’s have slightly larger fields (vertically) so that your writing does not have to be tiny to fit! Click on the image below which will open up a PDF document for you to save to your computer.

Free Printable Receipt - PDF Downloads

Shaded Form

Free Printable Receipt Shaded PDF

Lined Form

Free Printable Receipt Lined PDF

The great thing with the excel download is you can customize the receipt, changing anything you want – the headers, the boxes the shading – turning it into a unique document to your business.

You can enter your name and other details and then save it as a template so that you don’t have to keep re-entering this information each time you open the document. 

One of our other receipts, the rent receipt template uses the exact same layout but with the wording geared towards tenants and rental properties.

If you’re a landlord or you are doing the bookkeeping for a landlord, then click or tap on the graphic below for an immediate download of the excel template!

All our receipts are free.

Rent Receipt Excel Template

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Free Printable Receipt

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