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Bookkeeping Supplies

The world is packed with office and bookkeeping supplies. An amazing number of tools have been invented to make office life much easier and more efficient!

These are the items that you would use directly in a bookkeeping situation, many of them are what you need if you maintain a manual bookkeeping system.

Locking Cash Boxes  the safest way to keep cash on a business premises or at a fair or market.

Order Books - Duplicate or triplicate - great for keeping a record of what supplies you have ordered. The supplier gets the original copy and you can attach a copy to your invoice, leaving the third one in the book.

Sales Invoice Books
- Duplicate or triplicate. Keep in mind that there are two main types of invoices - i) service, ii) item. However, the same layout can be used for both. Items are usually listed one type per line with a value on each line, whereas the description for a service can take up several lines with one value for the whole lot.

Receipt Books - Duplicate or triplicate. These are important if you deal with a lot of cash sales and your customer requires a receipt, or you need to issue your tenant one.

Cash Books - If a proper, bound and lined cash book is too expensive it is easy to adjust a simple school exercise book into a basic cashbook. Learn how to maintain a cash book using the single entry method of bookkeeping.

Journals and Ledgers - If you are learning the double entry method of bookkeeping you will need these books/forms to practice. If you are running your business without software and you want to maintain a double entry system, you will require these books/forms. Learn the double entry method of bookkeeping.

Bookkeeping Software - There are so many software options out there and considerations to think of such as whether to install and use software on your computer, or to use cloud accounting options. 

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Bookkeeping Supplies

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