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Bookkeeping Resume

Bookkeeping Resume

This free bookkeeping resume is in MS Word. It has a great layout and is easy to download and edit. Simply change the wording to your personal information and to match the skills that you possess.

Scroll down to see exactly what you will get in this resume and also view the tips for using it. Did you know that a resume is also called a curriculum vitae?

Use this resume to apply for any bookkeeping job you are interested in, and to enhance your chances of being called for an interview.
You won't actually be able to type into this page. You need to download the MS Word document which is near the bottom of this page.

If you have any questions regarding this CV, please use the contact form.
All the best with your job search!

Personal Details

Phone No:

Your first, middle and last names
Your address
Your landline and mobile phone numbers
Your email address/es

The next part of the bookkeeping resume illustrates how to lay out all your skills and strengths for a bookkeeping job in a summarized form. You can use some of the ones in the example below, take those out that do not describe you and add your own ones in.


Personal Skills

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong organizational and self-management skills
  • Accurate and attentive to detail
  • Polite and professional manner
  • Fast learner
  • Willing to expand skills and knowledge and learn new systems
  • Aware of the importance of confidentiality when handling employer’s and client’s business matters
  • ...add more

Key Areas of Work Experience


  • Microsoft – Word and Excel / Firefox, Chrome, IE / Outlook, PDF
  • [Type here] Accounting Software
  • Electronic filing systems
  • Social media - Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Linked-In, Other


  • All aspects of debtors and creditors
  • Banking and internet banking, bank reconciliations
  • Month-end reports, and year-end preparations and reports
  • Chart of accounts maintenance
  • Journal entries
  • Double-entry bookkeeping
  • Petty cash maintenance


  • Downloading information from time sheets
  • Processing weekly pay runs in accordance with payroll laws
  • Printing of reports
  • Making payments by due dates
  • Filing and paying payroll deductions by due dates

Office Administration

  • Fast typing and transcription abilities
  • Logo, website and document designs and lay-outs
  • Skilled in minute-taking, faxing, e-mailing, photocopying, scanning, filing, record keeping, and reports; mail opening and distribution
  • Good handle on stationery ordering and office equipment maintenance
  • Able to receive clients and other visitors, maintain a diary
  • Booking of travel, accommodation and scheduling itineraries

A referee is a person your interviewer can contact to find out about your skills and character.
The person should be your current or previous employer, a club president or volunteer workplace supervisor,
who can confirm that you have got the ability necessary for the job you are applying for.


Bookkeeping Resumes
  1. Name of person – Name of Business or Club – Telephone Numbers
  2. Next referee
  3. Next referee
  4. Next referee (3 referees are usually enough)

Interests (list here all your interests - this is not compulsory)

  • Camping
  • Swimming
  • Reading
  • Other
  • Other
Bookkeeping Resume Employment Summary
Bookkeeping Resume Education
Bookkeeping Resume Voluntary Positions

This part of the bookkeeping resume is where you type details of all the jobs you've had over the years.
For the headings, you can type the names of the employers and the years you worked at each place.
Under the headings list the tasks you performed.

Employment History

Name of Current Employer - 2008 to date

Responsibilities (the following listed tasks is an example of what you can put)

  • Maintain debtors – Invoicing, recording and banking payments, debt collecting
  • Maintain creditors – Reconciling invoices with statements, payment of bills
  • Data entry to QuickBooks Accounting software
  • Present monthly reports to owners
  • Confer with customers and vendors
  • Other
  • Other

Name of Previous Employer - Year to Year


  • Describe your tasks
  • Other
  • Other
  • Other

Employer Before That - Year to Year


  • Describe the tasks at this job
  • Other
  • Other
  • Other

Ready to download the Word version and make your own resume? 

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Bookkeeping Resume

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