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Bookkeeping Responsibilities

Bookkeeping Responsibilities

For bookkeepers to fulfil their bookkeeping responsibilities, it helps to have some of the skills and strengths listed below.

Take a look and see what you can apply to yourself.

If you are a small business manager or owner about to put out an advert to employee a new bookkeeper, you can include some of these skills within your ad.

For easy cutting and pasting you can download the free Word document of these responsibilities.

Find it by scrolling to the bottom of this page.

If you are looking for a simple list and description of a bookkeeper’s daily tasks then you can read our job description and duties for more on that.

Bookkeeping Responsibilities Schedule

Skill/Strength Details
Enjoy working with numbers This does not mean you need to be a math whiz because bookkeeping is about putting numerical values into categories as opposed to working out complicated mathematical formulas. Having knowledge and experience of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and percentages is a good base to work from and most of us get this education at school.
Managing Tasks Have the ability to complete tasks you started, meeting them by a deadline date, and managing several tasks at once.

Being able to get back on track if interrupted, and being persistent with the more difficult tasks (not giving up).
Goals-oriented Being able to set goals and achieve them even if it means asking for help.
Sit for long hours If you are a fidgety person unable to sit still for long then you will struggle with this job because it requires you to be seated for lon periods of time in front of a computer screen.

It is however important to take short breaks every now and then – go for a short walk around the office, grab a cup of water, look out the window at something in the distance to rest your eyes from the screen.
Accuracy Having this skill simply means that you enter numbers carefully, without rushing and then double-check your entries to spot any errors.

Learn to use the numerical pad on your keyboard with speed and without having to look at the numbers.
Data entry You will be expected to enter vast amounts of data into bookkeeping software so being able to concentrate for long periods is helpful (remembering to take short breaks).
Technological advances Do you enjoy using computers, and can you keep up with the rapid advances made with bookkeeping and other computer software?

Technology is always advancing and systems being upgraded and changed so it helps if you are a person who can handle change and deal with things that aren’t the norm. The days of manual bookkeeping are fading away very fast.
Training You should always be willing to undergo training that will help you learn and develop new skills and empower you to advance in the work place or simply do a better job where you’re at.
Communication It is important to be able to communicate effectively.

You may not have the ‘gift of the gab’ but you should not be shy about putting forth your ideas with management, being able to discuss accounts with customers and suppliers, and getting along with your co-workers.
Honesty A bookkeeper is working with finances and money that don’t belong to them.

This requires a lot of trust from the business owners, and if it’s a bookkeeping firm dealing with many clients, these clients are trusting the bookkeeper to look after their accounts, bank accounts and money.

Honesty, and being able to resist temptation in your worst moments, is a key factor in this job. You don’t want to be one of those people who end up as a newspaper headline ‘bookkeeper embezzles company funds!’

‘Borrowing’ funds without the owner’s permission is illegal.
Confidentiality Business owners and clients also trust bookkeepers with their business activities and transactions which are private and confidential.

A bookkeeper has to keep private all the activities, problems and concerns that a business goes through.

Most businesses will get an employee to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Talking about private business affairs with outsiders can lead to dismissal from the job.
Life in General Be a little adventurous and try new things so you don’t get ‘stuck in a rut’.

You could try to look for a position that not only involves bookkeeping but also another passion that you have i.e. do you love baking? How about looking for a bookkeeping job in a cake shop!

Do you love sport, apply for available positions in sports facilities.

Free Word Download - Bookkeeping Responsibilities

Bookkeeping Responsibilities

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Bookkeeping Responsibilities

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