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outsource your business bookkeeping

Try KPMG Spark bookkeeping outsource professionals if you want experienced people to do your small business bookkeeping but if you also want to have instant online access to your data.

No matter what stage of business you are in, whether right at the beginning or if you've been running a business, KPMG Spark can help you.

They provide online software that you can login to anytime, and a dedicated bookkeeper to process your books, they can do payroll and they can file your tax returns.

If you have a small business in the USA you can access this all-in-one tax accounting service through KPMG's online platform and get your own team of professionals including supporting Accountants with whom you can communicate anytime. 

They also provide Covid-19 resources.

When you sign up with KPMG at the link below you will get a 1 month rebate on a 6 month subscription and an extra month after a year subscription. The on-boarding fee is waived.

online business bookkeeping software

Here is a screenshot of KPMG Spark's online bookkeeping software.

When you login you are taken to this Dashboard where the important aspects of your financial transactions are summarized and where you can access all the different software features.

Bookkeeping OutsourceBookkeeping Outsource Software

The best way for this online bookkeeping outsource to work is for your business bank accounts, credit cards and other accounts such as Paypal to be connected to the software (they can connect with thousands of different banks and credit cards).

This allows the data from those accounts to feed through to the software.

Then your dedicated bookkeeper (like Mitch in the picture above) will reconcile your transactions and prepare your monthly reports.

The data flows through every day so there is no need for you to download transactions and email them to your bookkeeper.

You and your bookkeeper can ask each other questions through the My Questions section, or you can phone or email them. 

The software has accounts receivable features through WePay enabling you to invoice your customers and receive payments fast. 

If you want to monitor different projects it's easy to set that up.

If you need to track mileage and business trips you can do that too.

The software is able to connect with different apps so it scales-up as your business grows.

Leave the complicated tax returns to these experts! They simplify tax preparation using the latest technology.

What are the benefits of outsourced bookkeeping services?

You don't have to provide office space or training to an employed bookkeeper, and all the other things that come with an employee (vacation leave, payroll and taxes), helping you save money on overhead costs.

You won't have to go through the difficult process of interviewing and hiring a reliable bookkeeper.

There will be less pressure on you

  • to stay on top of doing the books 
  • to make sure every transaction is recorded in the correct way
  • to not miss expenses that can reduce your tax
  • to avoid double-entering transactions or making costly mistakes
  • to stay tax compliant
  • to process payroll accurately
  • to regularly produce reports that help you understand how your business is doing
  • to file the dreaded end of year tax returns
  • to start all over again next year

You will free up your time

  • to concentrate on the money making aspects of your business
  • to do what you're actually good at
  • to do what you enjoy doing
  • to be you

Be confident and clear-headed

  • when looking at your reports, because if you processed the accounts yourself you may have nagging doubts about their accuracy
  • when making important financial decisions
  • when meeting your bank manager, loan provider or other important partner

When you go to the KPMG site at the blue button above you can click on the Schedule a Demo button when you are ready - this takes you to an online scheduler where you can book a 30min time slot to get a free guided tour.

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