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Beginner Bookkeeping Alerts March 2014
March 23, 2014
Hi Bookkeepers!

Bookkeeping Updates March 2014

Excel Cash Book

Due to popular demand the Excel Cash Book has been expanded and now includes more columns and rows than before.

If you haven’t seen the excel cash book before, check it out. It’s a simple, easy and free way to record your income and expenses and see a daily total.

What’s even better is that it all pulls through to a profit and loss report, aka income statement so you get a quick visual on what’s happening with the finances for the year to date.

Apply it to your business, or use it with your personal finances because you can utilize it as a budgeting tool.

Did I mention, it’s free!

Bookkeeping Terms

If you have often come across words related to bookkeeping that you don’t have a clue what they mean, you may find them on this list of terms and definitions.

If there are any you need to know about that aren’t on this list use the contact form to ask and an answer will be provided.

Bookkeeping Filing Systems

What is the best way to file all those papers that come with bookkeeping? You want to be able to find them again easily, and also, according to law you need to keep them for a certain number of years, so having them in a well-organized manner is the best way to go.

You can keep a physical filing system or you can keep an electronic system which is fast becoming the way to do it. To find out more about both types, follow these links:-

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